Trishna Home Stay

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Trishna Lodge Samsing has deluxe and semi-delux rooms to accommodate with attached bathroom. It has room service facilities with hot water availability. All rooms are clean and hygienic with clean bathrooms.

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Located in a valley between two rivers Suntaley and Moorty, Samsing is the central place for all the villagers and Tourists to enter Neora Valley National Park and avail other tourism facilities. The place comprises of several attractive places like Suntaleykhola, Bhotey Dara etc. One can avail the adventure of Home Tourism and come closer to the regional culture and tradition of the place along with the natural lusciousness of the foothills of Himalayas and catch the glimpse of wildlife of Neora Valley National Park. Being tired of enjoying the stay in some luxurious room with all the same items of cuisines described in the menu one can avail the homely environment with the traditional family and find a totally new feeling of getting to know the regional food habits, chance to exchange the customs and tastes, and give hand to their daily work with togetherness. If at day time one can enjoy the adventure of trekking in national park or adjoining villages then at night a cultural program with items like bonfire, cultural dance and at last a feast with regional drinks and cuisines. It will be an enjoyable tour which will save a moment of your life in your happy memories, and will be refreshment from all the stress of a busy life when you will be back to the work.